Digital Society Showcase | January 19th 2022

At the Digital Society Showcase we proudly share how our projects and courses activate a new generation’s potential to positively impact the digital transformation of society. Find out how to obtain a responsible, inclusive mindset, how to integrate technology in society and how to design for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

  • Learn what Digital Transformation Design is all about;
  • Meet talented young professionals and seasoned professionals from our partner organisations;
  • Find out what solutions our trainees came up with that will have impact on the SDG’s and the business partner(s);
  • Enjoy a live talkshow with experts from Digital Society School, special guests and interesting viewpoints on the transformation of our (digital) society.

Digital Society School helps professionals, academics and students to enrich their skillset to positively impact the digital transformation of society. We do this by building and facilitating truly transformational learning experiences. These learning experiences show how to obtain a responsible, adaptable mindset, how to integrate technology in society and how to design for the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We work with multi-disciplinary, multicultural teams, with partners from industry and society, on the most urgent and relevant challenges. Digital Society School is a unique online and offline training ground for a new generation of leaders in a digital world.

Discover the 7 projects

Brain Profile

How might we create a platform / system that can combine data from multiple inputs (BrainFirst assessment games, wearable device, journaling) and visualises them in a way that promotes self-development during a student’s career, giving them the skills and confidence to pursue their study path and reduce the % of student drop-off at ALO.
About the project | About Digital Twin

Circular Wood to Robotic Production

How can digital twin technology help the digital production research group (DPRG) realise their vision of a circular wood factory?
About the project | About Digital Twin

Connecting the Dots: Towards Sustainable Universities

How might we prototype a solution for HvA/UvA so that key stakeholders can identify clear roles, expectations and responsibilities in in the creation and execution of long-term circular waste management?
About the project | About Design Across Cultures

D-EvA Bank

How can we contribute to the use of e-assessment for practical skills by university teachers during their daily teaching practice?
About the project | About EdTech for Social Change

EdTech Impact

Educational Technology (EdTech) is defined by the Association for Educational Communications and Technology as “the study and ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using, and managing appropriate technological processes and resources”. Through its practice, EdTech has the potential to establish positive social change and enhance sustainable development of all social groups in the world.
About the project | About EdTech for Social Change

Heat Resistant Cities
How might we create heat-resistant cities by compiling exiting datasets on the cooling and heating cycles of the city at night time, to promote communication between municipalities, business & people, catalysing positive actions towards a resilient city.
About the project | About Digital Twin

TOMAS: Talent Ontwikkeling, Match & Select

How might vraaghetTomas.nl engage the triple helix to foster collaboration and provide a high-quality triple helix customer experience?
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Digital Transformation Intensive traineeship EXPO

In 20 weeks an international, highly talented group of trainees at Digital Society School worked on finding solutions for the most urgent challenges that relate to the digital transformation of society. In multidisciplinary teams they worked with our project partners, under the guidance of a ‘Digital Transformation Designer’, their track community, and the rest of the Digital Society School team.

During the showcase the teams will show you the prototypes and explain how they contributed to the Digital Transformation of Society and the Sustainable Development Goals. The different tracks (thematic programs) will also present themselves and discuss how design, tech and social innovation can have a positive impact on sustainable development.

RSVP here. The full programme will be published later.