To drive change you need the right means, knowledge and skills.

What we do

We equip organisation with the tech, skills and knowledge they need to achieve social change. By co-designing, developing and advising on new, socially responsible digital tools and services for internal and external partners. The goals:

  • to improve the day-to-day work of organisations;
  • to help organisations in achieving their transformation goals;
  • to enable partners to have the biggest impact they can on the entire DSS community.

Projects have a (co-) defined setup and a shared mission and vision. We work in close collaboration with members of the partner organisations, in-house and/or externally.

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Digital Society School

Digital transformation full-circle

Instruments are fully embedded in the experience journeys of partners. But it's not just about the tech! To shape the future in a positive way, the right knowledge, mindset and skills are just as necessary. To this end, we offer relevant courses, trainings, co-creation sessions, method toolkits and other important insights.


Our partners are not waiting until the tech that shapes our future is a given. Instead, we're teaming up to successfully integrate digital technology in our lives and society today.


Jake Henderson

Instrument Developer

Anastasia Thambwe

Creative Technologist & Game Designer

John Baaij

Instrument & Interaction Developer

Zeynep Yavuz

Project Manager