MadeFor Customer Science Bootcamp | An immersive learning experience

Digital up-skilling through simulated environments

Customer science is a blended field between data science, marketing, and user experience. Even though companies are collecting large amounts of data on their customers, products, and services, a lot of that data goes unused. There is a lot of valuable insights waiting to be employed to better understand and serve customers. The goal is to utilize existing data to understand the business in terms of customers. For example, which groups of people make up the majority of the profits? Who are the valuable customers to put more effort into keeping? With this knowledge, organisations can better select and implement appropriate response strategies.

Together with Madefor, we’ve designed and developed an intensive course that allows participants to dip their toes into this field in an immersive manner. Participants of the course are placed within a simulated company environment and given the role of customer scientists. As they are onboarded, they get to learn more about the field and how it came to be. Through challenges and learning kits, they are given the resources and coaching that will help them to develop the skills needed to successfully make sense of data and responsibly apply insights to meet customer needs. Beyond insights and profits, customer scientists also play a huge role in what happens with their customer data. Participants are challenged to critically reflect and question how their analysis and decisions can impact people.


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