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An internship at Digital Society School will open up a world of opportunities. You’ll be part of a vibrant interdisciplinary group during a semester and have unique access to a network of experts in the field.

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Global Goals Jam Amsterdam 2018

Fri 21 Sep t/m Sun 23 Sep 2018
Studio HvA

Mic Drop #6 - A Look Behind The Cloud

Fri 21 Sep
Studio HvA

Internet of People

Fri 23 Nov
Studio HvA

2018-07-19 10:35:00
Looking back: SDG Expert Seminar - Design for Sustainable Futures

On Wednesday, June 20, experts in Design, Education and Sustainability gathered for an Expert Seminar on the Sustainable Development Goals within Design and Education. The SDG's have been on... Read more


to create an inclusive digital society

we build and foster a diverse community of learners

with a human-centered design approach

and the openness to share our knowledge with the world

Tracks to

Our projects are clustered in intensive, trend related programmes called Tracks. Each Track sees multidisciplinary teams of designers, developers and researchers working on challenges that meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Digital to Physical

How does the blend of the digital and physical worlds change our society? In this track we explore topics such as physical representation of data, sense of presence and smart objects.

Data Driven Transformation

How can we ensure we marshal data in such a way as to benefit society? We explore the possibilities, considering subjects such as the energy transition, health and experience.

Institutional partners

Our partners understand that positive impact on society goes hand in hand with value creation for their own organisation. They are ready for digital, integral solutions for ‘people, planet and profit’, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Sure, they might not know how to get there yet, but that is exactly what we’ll work on together.