Dear Future, I’m Ready! #21for21

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In this podcast we explore more responsible ways to use the global transformation for the benefit of society. As a listener, you will hear from 21 transformational leaders about how we might address the challenges of the 21st Century. As they share their ideas you’ll learn about how design, technology and social innovation can help reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

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Your hosts

Carola is founder and chief creative of Transformational Studio, a transformation design agency with the aim of (r)evolutionizing change through design and making transformation irresistible.

Marco is co-founder and creative director of Digital Society School in Amsterdam, a neutral training ground for responsible and sustainable leadership in today’s and tomorrow’s digital society.

Together, they bring new questions for topics that are still largely unanswered. Engaging with thought leaders on transformational topics to open up the conversation and the exploration of what’s next as we navigate the 21st century. So that we can all say: “Dear Future, I’m ready!”