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Are you an aspiring design leader seeking to transition into a leadership role?

Are you a subject matter expert who wants to bring your specialised knowledge to drive innovation?

Are you a product owner interested in exploring innovation and design?

Take your next step to lead teams, and transform yourself and your organisation. Evolve your mindset, learn novel techniques, and become a true adaptive leader with our Transformation Leadership Programme!

What is the Transformation Leadership Programme?

As today’s world experiences unprecedented shifts, leaders must do more than adapt. They must actively shape transformations. At the Digital Society School, we put people at the center of transformations.

Thus, we invite leaders to develop future-proof leadership competencies in a 22-week, facilitated and learning-by-doing program. As a transformation owner, you will learn on the job while guiding a multidisciplinary and intercultural design team to address a real transformation challenge. You will learn, create, and grow together with your team to deliver impact-driven solutions rooted in Sustainable Development Goals.

You will lead your team in exploring a complex, real-world challenge. You will gain context around the transformation you envision through research, design, and prototyping possible solutions. You will apply design methods to co-create and experiment in an iterative learning process.

What can you learn?


You will learn to create and hold a safe space for experimentation and learning around transformation. You will harness your team’s unique talents and perspectives, encouraging collaboration. You will build a shared language between your team, partners, and stakeholders.


Diversity is a fundamental aspect of our team-building approach. Our trainees hail from every corner of the globe. We need different perspectives to be able to solve complex societal problems. You will learn to foster a collaborative, inclusive, and compassionate environment to leverage individual strengths and embrace the power of diversity.


In this program, we foster a culture of experimentation, embracing calculated risks, learning from failures, and pivoting towards success. To achieve this, you will learn key processes such as Scrum, Systems Design, and Design Thinking.


You will not only grow as a professional, but also as an individual. Through the program you will cultivate your adaptable mindset to embrace change and uncertainty in your professional and personal life. You will grow your soft skills in this challenging setting for personal and professional growth.

The Programme is for:


This is more than a “regular” leadership programme.

It’s an opportunity to apply your learning directly as a transformation owner leading an active partner project within a safe learning space.

  • Subject matter experts seeking to advance their professional development in innovation with new methods and techniques for team facilitation, ideation, co-creation, and prototyping.


  • Individuals seeking to take the next step in their career to lead teams and drive transformation projects.


  • Professionals with Master’s degree and a minimum of 3 years of relevant work experience with knowledge of project management and team management.