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As a trainee of the Digital Transformation Intensive Programme (DTIP), you will delve into the challenges emerging from our current digital society. In 20 weeks, you will learn to work responsibly and sustainably by using design, technology and social innovation together with one of our partners. For each sprint (block of four weeks), you will have a week of workshops and master classes. Finally, you will deliver and present your innovative concept/prototype at our closing showcase. You will work in a diverse team representing many continents, cultures and identities

Trainees have access to the tools and facilities of the Amsterdam University of Applied Science, such as the Maker’s Lab, Sports Facilities and much more. When becoming part of the DSS community, you will gain access to our network of thought leaders and career opportunities.  


Solving complex societal challenges requires a creative, multi-disciplinary method. To serve this purpose, we developed SCREAM; an approach that fosters creativity and research within the agile SCRUM structure. This standard structure is designed around the key processes: Research, Translate and Create. With SCREAM we re-designed the workflow by adding three aspects to support the design process:

  • Ideation and planning sessions at the start of the process trigger a team’s creativity (Create).;
  • The Design Method Toolkit allows teams to quickly choose effective research methods for design processes (Research).;
  • A session halfway through the design process helps teams learn from their own work and define the next steps or reframe goals and questions (Translate).

In addition to the programme, you will participate in multidisciplinary workshops and masterclasses such as learning how to actively develop and test prototypes, or learning about different design methods, including speculative design, life-centered design, and much more.


In 20 weeks, your team will generate the following outputs:

  • A working concept or a prototype.;
  • Digital documentation and a two-minute video to share the project, concept, context, and process.;
  • A presentation sharing the insights and results during the Digital Society School Showcase at the end of the semester.
  • Sharing of insights and results via publications on the Digital Society School website and other relevant channels.


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Key Facts

Digital Transformation Intensive Programme


Language: English

Mode of study: Full time

Duration: 20 weeks

Tuition: Schengen area citizens & non-Schengen area citizens with a Master’s Degree €3500

Stipend: €400



Fall: 4 September 2023

Spring: 5 February 2024


Fall: 26 January 2024

Spring: 28 June 2024

Christmas Break: 

25 December 2023 until 6 January 2024


Digital Society School is a place to meet people from different places around the world and learn from different cultures while engaging and cooperating in meaningful projects for the world.

Mariana Pinheiro

Industrial Designer