We believe that our digital society can be inclusive, intelligent and engaging

Shape our future

Why wait until the tech that shapes our future is a given? Instead, let’s work on ideas to successfully integrate digital technology in our lives and society today.


At Digital Society School we invite you to direct your interests, knowledge and effort towards building a digital society. Because we believe that it can -and should- be inclusive, intelligent, and involve us all.


Change is paradoxical, in that we continuously strive for it while being afraid of it at the same time. Transformation takes this one step further. It touches the core of what everything has been like up to the point of transformation. It requires creativity and courage: the courage to pursue grand, abstract goals and the creativity to solve, by 2030, the challenges the world now faces.


To this end, we have founded the Digital Society School. Through the school, we seek to research the impact of technology on society, develop the skills necessary to guide the transformation and pass on this knowledge and these skills to a new generation of professionals. They are ready to begin work on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. They will be the architects of transformation, across the world as well as in your organisation

Amsterdam basedWork with forward-thinking industry and government partners

BuildOn the strength of your network

Apply Digital tools and skills in the real world


to create an inclusive digital society

we build and foster a diverse community of learners

with a human-centered design approach

and the openness to share our knowledge with the world


Our partners understand that positive impact on society goes hand in hand with value creation for their own organisation. They are ready for digital, integral solutions for ‘people, planet and profit’, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Sure, they might not know how to get there yet, but that is exactly what we’ll work on together.


Geleyn MeijerRector Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Gijs GootjesCo-Founder & Head of Strategy

Marco van HoutCo-Founder & Head of Impact

Meet the core team

Anneke van Woerden

Impact Producer

Assia Kraan

Track Owner

Bauke Bakker

Impact Producer

Felipe Escobar Vega

Instrument Designer

Gijs Gootjes

Head of Strategy & Organisation

Jake Henderson

Instruments Developer

Jurriën Wind

Operations manager

Marco van Hout

Head of Programmes & Impact

Margreet Riphagen

Track Program Coordinator

Nick Verouden

Coordinator Design Across Cultures

Pavel van Deutekom

Impact Producer

Tamara Pinos C.

Instruments Developer/PhD Student

Wai Feersma Hoekstra

Partnerships Manager

Wouter Meys

Track Owner

Zlatina Tsvetkova

Learning Experience Designer

Join our 20-week program

In 20-week challenges you can sink your teeth into a project for our industry partners with designers, researchers and developers from all over the world.


We are looking for partners who understand that positive impact on society can go hand in hand with value creation for their own organisation. Professionals who are ready for digital, integral solutions for ‘people, planet and profit’. Are you up for it?