Finstrument | Maximum social value with LegalTech

How do you achieve the most impact when choosing financial instruments? 🤔

Choices regarding the use of financial instruments are complex, perhaps even more so in local public services. In deciding where and how to approach funding for important services, a capacity to think in a nuanced way and intimate knowledge of regional regulations are key for making the right decision. Between a subsidy, a purchase or a public tender procedure there are differences that can either stifle or give a much needed boost to necessary and valuable local projects and initiatives. To get it right, the costs are sometimes unnecessarily high for municipalities – both in time, money and risks taken.


💡 It does not need to be like this! 

Digital transformation design, information technology and legal know-how  – they come together in support of policy experts across local councils – increasing confidence in their choices of financial instruments and enabling them to achieve maximum social value swiftly, responsibly and with reasonable resources.

We partnered up with the LegalTech Lab to develop and design Finstrument, an ecosystem of tools that can help municipal policy professionals choose the right financial instruments to bring about important social change. As an expert system and knowledge base, it promotes economically, policy-oriented, legally responsible selection and decision support. For policy advisors, legal consultants and financing experts this means:

  • In-time orientation, checks and justification of choices.
  • Help finding out which instruments are suitable and possible
  • A thorough selection process that eliminates unnecessary risks
  • Reports, justification and extensive documentation of choices
  • Faster, more efficient and targeted advice when needed

Using the experiences of a municipal partner network, we are constantly upgrading and improving Finstrument as an effective legal expert system.  The positive impact on policy decisions & initiatives throughout municipalities in the Netherlands recognized by our project partners, the municipalities of UtrechtAmsterdamAmersfoort and Hilversum, who understand the power that intelligently applied technology has to transform their work and the lives of those it benefits.


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