Identify pertinent talent hubs that emphasize creative leadership across Europe and Africa, and generate a visual representation of connections, overlaps, and synergies between these hubs to ignite collaborative efforts.


Over the past few decades, Europe has experienced consistent growth in its creative industries and creative economy. A key driver of this growth has been the collaboration between knowledge institutions and creative hubs across the continent. Despite the maturation of Europe’s creative industry, it faces challenges such as talent attraction, nationalistic government agendas, and budget cuts in the creative sector.

In contrast, Africa has undergone a notable cultural renaissance in recent years. From music and fashion to film and visual arts, the continent’s diverse cultural landscape has garnered global acclaim, becoming a significant global influencer.

Enhanced collaboration between the European Union (EU) and Africa in establishing joint creative talent hubs would foster the growth of the creative economy, facilitating transformative learning and leadership opportunities. Such partnerships have the potential to drive innovation and create a more dynamic creative ecosystem across both continents.