HVA 2040 – Co-creating the Future of Higher Education


Our project aims to transform the traditional landscape of education by fostering a learner-centric approach that is inclusive, sustainable, and future-proof. Recognizing the need for change, the AUAS has embarked on a mission to reimagine higher education, accommodating diverse learning styles and empowering both students and teachers alike. With a focus on lifelong learning, we seek to create an environment where education evolves alongside the rapid pace of development, equipping learners with the knowledge, tools, and environment needed to navigate the future successfully.

Central to our initiative is the use of creative methods to collect and share stories and insights from our university and local community. Through a special exhibition at the expo in the summer of 2024, we aim not only to showcase the diverse experiences within education but also to spark a movement for positive change. At the heart of our project lies the geodesic dome, symbolizing collaboration and future visions. This tangible artifact will serve as a dynamic space for contemplation, co-creation sessions, and interactive installations, inviting individuals to contribute to the collective vision for the future of education. Through the dome, we envision fostering an environment where creativity flourishes, insights are captured, and innovative solutions emerge to shape a brighter tomorrow for learning.


The challenge of this project lies in revolutionizing the traditional landscape of higher education, where digitalization plays an important role in making education more learner-centric. By reimagining education through the lenses of sustainability, inclusivity, and innovation, we aim to create a future where every individual has equal opportunities to thrive and contribute meaningfully to society. Join us in overcoming these obstacles and shaping a brighter tomorrow for education.