Exploring Loopholes: A Sustainability Approach for Fashion Companies


The Loopholes game which is considered a toolkit has undergone multiple iterations. The group is tasked with the transformation of the toolkit to enable companies to train the trainers through a comprehensive instruction manual. In addition to the existing board dynamics, we need to add 3 journeys that could bring different perspectives to the toolkit. The team is responsible for adding the material, stakeholder and data journeys to this toolkit so that the toolkit enables fashion companies to embrace a future that incorporates co-manufacturing, co-design and technological innovations.


The Loopholes game represents a simulation/ a board game designed to inform players about sustainability challenges within the fashion industry. The toolkit involves strategically addressing environmental and ethical concerns while managing fashion companies. It has the potential to catalyze significant transformation through innovation and motivation. The challenge of this toolkit revolves around navigating sustainability issues within the fashion industry. Players must strategize and address issues such as environmental impact, supply chain ethics, and consumer demand for fast fashion while aiming to maintain profitability and market competitiveness.

The goals of this toolkit are:

  • Evaluate the current state of companies
  • Use the toolkit to ideate on sustainable measures to adopt
  • Design ways to transform ideas into action

This project is a continuation of the previous Loopholes project. You can find the initial information about the toolkit here.