Digital to Physical

How does the blend of the digital and physical worlds change our society? In this track we explored topics such as smart spaces and objects, physical cybersecurity, inclusivity and the future of our digital/physical society.

Track Team

Assia Kraan

Program Manager

Gijs Huisman

Senior Track Associate

Ilaria Zonda

Digital Transformation Designer

Mick Jongeling

Digital Transformation Designer

Dan Xu

Digital Transformation Designer

Iskander Smit

Digital society ambassador

Sander Veenhof

Digital Society Ambassador

Margreet Riphagen

Track Program Coordinator

Tamara Pinos C.

Instrument Developer

What did we work on?

Digital to physical track

The physical world that we inhabit is rapidly merging with our digital environment. The way we move through public spaces, communicate with others, and perceive ourselves is changing. We find ourselves constantly interacting within a connected digital and physical landscape composed of products and environments that are network connected and equipped with various sensors and actuators. Introducing the digital into the physical has a profound impact on how we organize our societies and how we act as individuals. At the DSS we observe this trend through an ethical, sustainable, and human-centered lens. From this unique perspective we contribute to building a digital-physical world that benefits society.

The Digital to Physical track (D2P) is a three-year project to define questions, explore concepts, conduct research, design and build prototypes, and share insights with the world regarding the way the digital and physical intertwine. 

Assia Kraan

Call for a New Normal

How would we shape a new normal? What aspects of our digital life do we want to keep? And what aspects do we want to get rid of? Which physical activities do we wish to do more and which can we live without? Together we can design a new normal of digital and physical.

Events we organised

Other tracks

Data Driven Transformation

How can we ensure we marshal data in such a way as to benefit society? We explored the possibilities, considering subjects such as the energy transition, health and experience.

Design Across Cultures

In this track we design new ways to create meaningful connections between multiple stakeholders to co-create insights, ideas and solutions for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The key question: how can you design for collaboration across contexts, cultures and nations, sustainably, without having to be physically travel across the globe?

EdTech for Social Change

The EdTech for Social Change track is a connective hub that opens space for partnerships, applied research and projects with industry stakeholders. Together we use technology to boost individual learning, corporate training, and to make learning accessible to vulnerable social groups.

Systems for Sharing

In this track we will work on technical, digital and social systems. We create proof of concepts, prototypes and do applied research to support ’systems for sharing’ in the light of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We will also train organisations and professionals to adopt a different mindset and be able to stimulate a sharing culture within their work environment or community.

Digital Twin

The idea of a digital twin, a virtual representation of an object, a person or a process, is not new. But the application of advanced big data analytics and AI might turn it into a truly disruptive technology. What happens when digital twins are linked to the real world, real people, real processes, real time for monitoring and control? Who will be using this technology and for what purposes?