Which behaviour change techniques can be implemented in the use of smart-toys in the context of home-based hand therapy for children with cerebral palsy?

Kids who need pediatric occupational and physical therapy exercises often struggle executing them as such therapies are often repetitive and uninviting. We are interested to learn how the use of smart-toys (interactive & connected) can encourage children to exercise more at home in an accessible and motivating way and thus improving their quality of life.


Call for fysiotherapists and parents of children with cerebral palsy to work with us! If you are interested to test, together with your child, our toy prototypes and/ or wish to discuss the topic with our team, please contact Assia Kraan


In this project we will study how already used muscle therapies for children with cerebral palsy can be complemented with playful and engaging interactions that increase motivation supported by behaviour change techniques (BCTs). In an iterative process, we will develop prototypes of smart-toys that implement different BCTs such as goal setting, feedback, social support, etc. and test which techniques can provide better results.

This research provides an important opportunity to advance the understanding of motivation and playfulness in therapy assisted by new technologies.

This project is focused on the Sustainable Development Goals

And is a collaboration with the research labs Digital Life Centre and Play & Civic Media.