Data Driven Transformation

How can we ensure we marshal data in such a way as to benefit society? We explore the possibilities, considering subjects such as the energy transition, health and experience.

Track Team

Abdelrahman Hassan

Digital Transformation Designer

Carlo De Gaetano

Digital Transformation Designer

Emma Beauxis-Aussalet

Senior Track Associate

Evelien Christiaanse

Digital Transformation Designer

Jacintha Scheerder

Digital Society Ambassador

Joost Plattel

Digital Society Ambassador

Margreet Riphagen

Track Program Coordinator

Robert Overweg

Digital Society Ambassador

Wouter Meys

Track Owner

What do we work on?

Within the Data Driven Transformation track, we work on a future where data can be used to drive transformations of society for the best interests of all of us. We want to cultivate data literacy so people can critically engage with data and data processing technologies. We primarily focus on ethics, transparency, and on bridging the gap between technology and design.

We do this by creating tools, methods and educational materials, as well as programmes for designers, managers, policymakers, kids and the general public. We translate relevant technical knowledge and academic research into terms that are understandable for everyone. Furthermore we develop a common language to talk about tech, and develop critical thinking with a variety of stakeholders.

Margreet Riphagen

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Other Tracks

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