GGD Data Synergy

How can we use data visualization methods to define new modes of interaction between GGD researchers and public health data?

An important player in the public health area; the GGD focuses on measures that protect the health of large sections of the population and risk groups. The GGD conducts research of various areas of grave importance to public health including nutrition, sexual health, and occupational health. Due of the critical impact of the research and its target audience, it becomes paramount to find new ways to connect researchers within the GGD with the data which the research produces.

During the 20-week program, DSS’s collaboration with GGD will will prompt the creation of new data-worlds where GGD datasets will be transformed into accessible, collaborative and dynamic installations where new insights can be forged. A critical lense onto the data will aim to use visualization methods in order to illuminate and empower, rather than obscure. The project will thrive to harness the power of visualization to make complex data more digestible, influencing policy, educational onset and understanding of imminent health risks.

This project focuses on the Sustainable Development Goals: