Digital Monitoring For Sustainability

Digital Monitoring for Sustainability involves using digital technologies to monitor and evaluate progress towards SDGs. Using a range of digital tools to collect, analyze and visualize data on sustainability indicators such as climate change, biodiversity, and social equity. By enabling real-time monitoring and reporting, we can support and enhance transparency and accountability in sustainability efforts.

What do we work on?

We help organisations increase their performance on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria.

We do this, by helping organisation to identify risks and opportunities and co-design creative interventions.

Together with a multidisciplinary team we bring together available data-sources and use digital tools to create dashboards and monitors.

Our aim is not to only monitor the criteria, but we aim to use them to steer towards transformation. That is why we make it tangible and relatable to all people involved by creating real-life interventions.  We create tools, build installations and expositions that enable people and organisations to relate to the sometimes abstract data, on a personal, organisational and societal level.

Examples of projects to work on together:

  • “Climate Watchdog: Real-time climate data visualization”
  • “Biodiversity Tracker: Digital tools for monitoring ecosystems”
  • “Sustainable Campus Dashboard: Monitoring campus sustainability indicators”