CO2 Campus (Greenbites)

CHALLENGE – How much CO2 emissions are we contributing from the foods we consume on Campus??

To create a monitoring solution that will enable the Facility Services (FS) department of Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HVA) to measure and track the CO2 footprint of food and drinks. In this challenge, the Roeterseiland campus of the university is our case study.


FS of HvA is responsible for services to support education at the UvA and HvA. Some of the services include Management of educational facilities, Accommodation, Facilities in and around the buildings; including food and drinks among others.

FS aims to enable a transition to sustainable food as part of the sustainability program of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS-HvA).

A part of this process is to be able to track the impact of initiatives and the transition. FS Food & Drink has the ambition to measure and track the CO2 impact of its whole supply chain. The major focus areas include tackling food waste, the protein transition to vegan food offerings, and food security, as well as working with more local and small-scale suppliers.

Target groups and users of this proposed monitoring system are:

  • FS Food & Drink – using the monitoring system
  • Suppliers at Roeterseiland campus – providing inputs for monitoring system
  • UvA/HvA Management, reporting of sustainability goals and progress

An overview of the questions we hope to be able to answer is outlined below:

  • How to get CO2-related data from local suppliers?
  • To what extent can CO2 impact can be extracted from different types of data: purchasing data, sales data etc.?
  • How to benchmark/do a baseline measurement of current offerings?
  • How to create an impact measurement methodology that can be progressively evolved?


We have developed a prototype for measuring CO2 emissions at UvA/HvA with such features as :

  • Multiple options for entering purchase data
  • CO2 benchmarking as a baseline
  • Ingredient level CO2-measurements
  • Measuring ability with varied data excluding purchases