Computational Fashion Design

Computational fashion design is the use of computer software and technology to create sustainable fashion products. By using these tools, designers can explore and experiment with a wide range of materials and design possibilities while minimizing waste and reducing the environmental impact of the fashion industry. Computational fashion design is an important step towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly fashion industry.

What do we work on?

We aim to reduce waste in the full lifecycle of the fashion industry. We do this by helping fashion companies to steer towards alternative business models, and by creating awareness to consumers about the actual footprint of the products they buy and wear.

We create games, platforms and installations that help people to look for alternatives. Sometimes it’s confronting and often it demands behaviour change.

  • “Zero Waste Pattern Generator: Optimizing material usage in fashion”
  • “Digital Prototyping Studio: 3D modelling for sustainable fashion”
  • “Fashion Sustainability App: Educating consumers on eco-friendly choices”