Data Driven Transformation

Here you find all the tools, methods developed & courses and workshops given during the three-year Data Driven Transformation track.


The courses and educational materials presented here are developed for society, of which some in close collaboration with a variety of institutions and experts.


Introduction to Data Visualisation
Basic principles of data visualisation. Download materials. [exceeding max upload MB, asked Jake for help]

Image Sorter and Clarifai tutorial
Exploration of a collection of images through their visual attributes, learn how to explore it through Image Sorter, an image browsing application. Download materials.

Conversational Objects 
Approach to conversational objects and making as research. Collection of resources and case studies to start a makers print with an open mind! Download materials


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Rawgraph: from research question to data visualisation 
Data Curation with Google Spreadsheet 

Network visualisation with Gephi 
Web scraping tool medley 

Adaptable Mindset MOOC 
R for Beginners 

Visualization with R for beginners 
Introduction to AI 

Introduction to Text Mining 

Basic Statistics for Machine Learning 

Machine Learning for Business 

Data Decoloniality and Speculative Design


Depending on the challenges you are facing there are many interesting tools, methods, and approaches that can support you when designing and innovating your service or product.

Tools & Methods

Carbon Dating  Tool
A speed dating tool to find possible relationships between climate change solutions and different stakeholders.

Right between our ears (icon tool)
A unique and manually curated dataset of common messages to inform and create awareness in the general public and guide people to take positive action. 

Low-fi mock-up for headache app 
A headache mode which can assist patients suffering from an ongoing migraine attack. It reduces sensory overload by dimming connecting IoT devices, lowering phone brightness, blocking incoming calls, and notifications. Users can also send pre-written texts to contacts attempting to reach them.