The Talent Ecosystem Guide (TEG) – making lifelong learning, upskilling & reskilling easy.

Above Featured image: by Ann H via Pexels

Why a Talent Ecosystem Guide (TEG)?

The current competitive labor market together with the COVID-19 crises forces urgent need to lifelonglearning, up- and reskilling, match supply and demand, bridge inclusion, the diversity gap and leverage collective (digital) talent development. 

What is TEG?

Talent development is a shared responsibility of the triple helix parties. This interactive mapping tool will help the talent development ecosystem to find talent initiatives, to make lifelong learning, upskilling and reskilling easy in the region of Amsterdam.

  • It will not only help companies to have an overview on the education and training available for talent development but also give the opportunity to contribute to talent development in the region, for example by offering internships.
  • It will help universities, colleges and talent initiatives to increase their visibility and facilitate to come into contact with relevant target groups.
  • It will provide governments with an up-to-date overview for investment decisions and the efficient allocation of resources.

Design challenge

How might we attract and engage the private sector to make TEG, primarily meant as a B2B product, a widely used tool for matching, connecting , different projects, initiatives, programmes and making an impact in the Metropolitan Region Amsterdam (MRA)?

Connection with the EdTech for Social Change Track

The EdTech for Social Change track is a connective hub that opens space for partnerships, applied research and projects with industry stakeholders. Together we use technology to boost individual learning, corporate training and to make learning accessible to vulnerable social groups.

With TEG we like to establish a positive social change and enhance sustainable development in the MRA region. Facing the current labor landscape perspective (Covid-19, possible recession, increasing talent shortages, digitalization, automation etc) , the aspiration is to bring key players together to leverage talent development in an effective way, upskill and reskill as many people in the right mannerto assure they are ready for the jobs of today and the future.

Connection with the Sustainable Development Goals

We believe talent development is a shared responsibility; not only government institutions, talent development initiatives are instrumental in reducing inequality but also companies have a big influence in designing strategies to support sustainable economic development, decent work and promote inclusive growth.


Are you part of a company and dealing with above topics such as lifelong learning, reskilling and upskilling and like to help to validate the guide? Don’t be shy to contact us, we would love to exchange ideas with you!