New Learners Hub

How can we enhance the digital (pre-)onboarding experience of trainees to ensure learner retention and satisfaction, while supporting their well-being?

The New Learners Hub project (NeLeH) focuses on building a virtual hub that enhances integration, skills development, and community building for trainees. With Covid-19 came new challenges reported by learners of traineeships, such as increased levels of stress and dissatisfaction. In turn, a significantly higher attrition rate was reported with approximately 20% of the accepted trainees dropping out from programs.

Design challenge

We aim to build a modular virtual hub that can be used by companies and the educational system to ensure learner retention and satisfaction, as well as supporting trainees’ well-being. NeLeH’s features will focus on seven pillars: (1) developing competence, (2) managing emotions, (3) moving through autonomy toward interdependence, (4) developing mature interpersonal relationships, (5) establishing identity, (6) developing purpose and (7) developing integrity.

Connection with the EdTech for Social Change Track

This project addresses the following questions:

  • How do we use the power of technology to make people ready for today’s fast-changing labour market and prepare them for the jobs of the future?
  • How can technology help to bring together better education innovations, ideas and solutions for society?
  • How can technology help us to make education and training available to vulnerable populations?

Sustainable Development Goals