Considering the omnipresence of media in our lives, we consume and create more content than ever before. Nowadays anyone can edit and publish a TikTok video, produce music on a laptop, or enhance photos with creative filters using a mobile app. This revolution in content creation is powered by one key element – synthetic media, generated with the help of AI algorithms. 

These AI-driven technologies have reached a point where they can create text, images, voice, and video content with such fidelity that it is often indistinguishable from reality. Media is no longer just about representing reality; it is now capable of generating and altering it, opening new possibilities for real-time inclusion, adaptation, and manipulation of stories. 

This democratisation of media production allows everyone, from hobbyist creators to professionals, to explore and contribute to content creation in innovative ways. But as we embrace synthetic media and AI-assisted content creation, it also brings a responsibility to be transparent about the origins of these ‘unreal’ stories. 

This project is a collaboration with VPRO MediaLab, Beeld en Geluid, and NPO Innovatie. VPRO MediaLab, an independent broadcasting corporation based in the Netherlands, is well-known for organizing hackathons, providing a creative platform for exploring the storytelling potential of cutting-edge technologies. NPO, the overarching public broadcaster in the Netherlands, encompasses VPRO within its network. Beeld & Geluid, also known as the Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision, is a cultural archive and museum situated in Hilversum, Netherlands. 

Who are we?

We are STEAM! Our team is a blend of diverse talents, guided by industry experts and facilitated by the Digital Society School. The team consists of professionals with expertise in various areas, including software development, technical IT support, data analysis, research, sustainable design, animation and visual design. 

Final Project video