Online Community For Museum Education

How can modern technology democratize knowledge and transform museum education?

In the era of a digital age, time and information became two of the most valuable capitals. At a time when people can flick a keyboard or swipe a touchscreen to connect with products, people, and information from anywhere in the world, the creation of an inclusive online community for educational purposes becomes a necessity.

There are various active and easily-accessible online communities already existing, like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. However, in these platforms we often find too much redundant information that makes searching a really time consuming process.

As we are collaborating with schools, museums and research institutions, we would like to design and develop an inclusive online community, which will enable collaboration, sharing resources and co-creation among these key stakeholders.

The approach of the project is connected to the learning goal of the Digital Society School to research the impact of technology on society, develop the resources necessary to guide the transformation and pass on this knowledge to a new generation of professionals. The two specific research questions, which guide the project are:

• How can we enhance synergies and engagement among schools, museums and research institutions?
• How can we design a self-organized system, which will provide resources, services and space for co-creation and collaboration?

This 20-week project arose from a two-year “Strategic Partnerships” project, funded by the European Commission: “Museopedagogy and Augmented Reality” (Mona Project). The consortium of this project consists of Universities, Schools and Museums from the Netherlands, Greece, Austria and Italy. More information about the project can be found here:

• An article about the project process: How can modern technology democratize knowledge in museum education? (click)
• An article about the project final product: BrightME Community: Empowering Museum Education (click)

This project focuses on the Sustainable Development Goals: