Mind the GaaP

How might we unite Dutch municipalities over a common vision for digital governance?

The political organisation of the Netherlands being a decentralised unitary state, gives local governments significant autonomy over decisions relating to the use of technology in local public services. Such autonomy can inspire a constructive dialogue of different approaches to digital transformation, but in the lack of coordination might also lead to distinct solutions being developed in local silos. To address this gap in the ecosystem, we explore methods to create an open invitation for municipalities to collaborate, share tools and strategies, and learn from each other while transforming services in an integrated and efficient manner.

This project is the fourth in a series of prototypes that demonstrate ‘Government as a Platform’ (GaaP),  a vision for digital transformation of the public sector in the Netherlands, commissioned by the Municipality of Haarlem and the Union of Dutch Municipalities (VNG).

We address the following SDGs: