GaaP Map – On the road to Government as a Platform

How might we unite Dutch municipalities over a common vision for digital governance?

Due to the political organisation of the Netherlands, local governments have significant autonomy over decisions relating to the use of technology in local public services. Such autonomy can inspire a constructive dialogue of different approaches to digital transformation, but might also lead to distinct solutions being developed in local silos. Despite the efforts of organisations such as the Union of Dutch Municipalities (VNG) there is a lack of a unified vision for the digital future across local governments in the Netherlands. Many municipalities remain unconvinced of the need for digital transformation or do not see the urgency in it. This project is the fourth in a series of prototypes that demonstrate ‘Government as a Platform’ (GaaP),  a vision for digital transformation of the public sector in the Netherlands, commissioned by the Municipality of Haarlem and the Union of Dutch Municipalities (VNG). In our prototype we sought to address the key issue of lack of urgency for transformation.

How can we engage those who are unfamiliar with digital solutions in our mission of digital transformation? How can we create awareness of existing transformation efforts? What is the best way of showing the many shared problems across municipalities and the potential for collaboration?

Take a look below at how we approached this complex problem.

How have we helped to solve these questions?

We developed an interactive story and visual journey to engage the unfamiliar and show the concept of digital transformation in a simple, relatable way. Our prototype reaches out to all public servants and prompts them to think about digital transformation as a way of improving their work. After the user is onboarded in our interactive story, they move to an infographic map highlighting existing transformation projects across municipalities. Here we create an awareness of existing transformation efforts and offer the opportunity to engage, learn from, and collaborate with others.  Explore our videos to see the story and the map in action!

Interactive Onboarding

Transformation Map & Resource Center

We address the following SDGs:


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