HvA Teacher-Researcher Career Path Development

 The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS)/Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA) since its inception, has been a teaching-only institution.

Since 2001, through government support, AUAS conducted research and has supported the integration of research activities and the professionalization of its teaching staff.  

However, research-related professional development of teachers remains a challenge. Medewerkers Monitor Onderwijs en Onderzoek (2023) shows that while 44% of teacher-researchers feel like the HvA offers enough possibilities to develop themselves in the field of research, several teacher-researchers state that they lack time to professionally develop themselves and lack clarity about which steps they can take to pursue a career in research within the HvA. This sometimes leads to teacher-researchers resigning. Thus our challenge is:

How can we support teacher-researchers with a tool or concept to determine their next steps in their professional development towards research-related career paths in a way that they stay engaged and interested in their work?

Project Background

This project is aimed at designing a concept/tool that combines information about research-related career paths, the required skills and knowledge, and professional development offerings for Teacher- Researchers at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. This concept/tool will communicate the information in a way that invites teacher-researchers to professionally develop themselves, and stay engaged & interested in their work. The target group is teacher-researchers, who are employees with both teaching and research tasks.