Episode 18 – Matthew Wizinsky

Listen to our new episode of the #21for21 podcast 🚀  🌏  with Matthew Wizinsky, a designer, researcher and educator. He is author of the amazing new book ‘Design After Capitalism’.
Matthew talks with Marco and Carola about transition design, the role and responsibilities of academics and educators in design, new visions on the design profession and about capitalism from a designer’s perspective. Matthews’s perspective.
  • 🎤 As designers, we perhaps don’t fully grasp what our mission is currently.
  • 🎤 There are so many forms of design, but the kind I talk about is ‘design at the scale of the human body’.
  • 🎤 Transformation has also moved designers in many cases into powerful positions, designers are now in the board room. But, then, what do we do now?
  • 🎤 We are trying to reform design, so that it can transcend capitalism.
  • 🎤 My argument is not one of revolution, but rather one of erosion. How do we slowly erode the systems and situations we are stuck in.
  • 🎤 Dear Future, I am Ready to design after capitalism. I hope you come with me!
Listen to the episode below 👇 🎧

About Matthew Wizinsky

Matthew Wizinsky is a designer, researcher, educator, and author on contemporary issues in design practice and research. He has over 20 years of professional experience in communication, interaction, exhibition, and experiential design, and he consults organizations on future possibilities through strategic foresight. He is an Associate Professor in the Ullman School of Design at the University of Cincinnati, PhD researcher in Transition Design at Carnegie Mellon University, Associate Editor for the communication design journal Visible Language, and the author of Design after Capitalism (MIT Press, 2022).