Episode 14 – Kees Klomp

Listen carefully en leave with fresh inspiration from our new episode of the #21for21 podcast again 🚀  🌏  with Kees Klomp, professor, author and the voice of a different sound in economics.

Kees talks with Marco and Carola about existential economics, impact, integral value creation and intrinsic motivation.

  • 🎤  Dear Future, I am ready… to be vulnerable.
  • 🎤  The potential for a thriving society is alignment: to align to the living principles and patterns that are out there.
  • 🎤  We have to acknowledge that we don’t know. The only thing we know is that, if we share the burden, chances are that whatever the outcome is, we can THRIVE.

Listen to the episode below 👇 🎧

About Kees Klomp

Kees Klomp is professor of Purpose Economy at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences where he researches and develops an existential approach to economics. He is co-founder of Thrive institute, an organization that aims to re-invent economics and society. Kees is a recognized voice in topics of transformation and new ways of thinking and solving for the complex times we live in.
In his latest book ‘Thrive. Fundamentals for a New Economy’, Kees and co-author Shinta Oosterwaal provide insights into alternative approaches to economics that are sustainable and just for both society and the planet in the long term.


Watch the beautiful documentary by Kees Klomp and Stefan de Graaff “You can’t be without purpose”

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