9 to 5 humanised

Municipality Haarlemmermeer in the Netherlands has embraced the ambition to transform its (external) services by innovating their digital systems to be more ‘humane’. In their ‘Vision on digitization,’ the city council has emphasised on the human dimension, making sure that public values like privacy, autonomy, dignity, and fairness are protected when services are being offered digitally.

This more humane organization will need to improve the internal services and (digital) tools that are being provided for individual employees and for collaboration. The task at hand is to really connect people throughout the organization, so that people can collaborate and become a smart, connected, simple and transparent organization.

The functional goal of the project is to transform both tools and mindset of the employees in a way that the outcome of “everything and
everybody can be found within 5 minutes max” is achieved. This is by making better or other use of current used, or not yet used, technology and systems by the municipality.

The current situation shows most employees experience much work-related pressure, always feeling too busy, complete lack of time, and therefore not able to focus on their real job/task at hand. This can lead to information overload and make it difficult for employees to stay updated on important updates. The question is: what is needed to get to the situation where people are able to say that they are functioning in a ‘normal’ way, and not under constant high pressure. So that people stay healthy, energetic, and happy, and easily achieve their goals of the day. Thus, the main challenge was how can we facilitate the Gemeente Haarlemmermeer to become a smarter, more connected, transparent, and digitally inclusive organisation.


A Dashboard (a single interface that combines all general activities of all employees in one corporate site) was the solution we came up with. It demonstrates one place and one way of working on general activities like communicating, creating, sharing, collaborating, and finding employees and information within 1-5 minutes.

Essentially, this dashboard will be used in finding people, documents, and information; communication; creating and sharing file(s). Using this dashboard, employees will be able to see their team members, their projects and those of other employees and their to-do list.