Achieving maximum social value with legal tech


Financial instruments for relevant change – but deployed responsibly!

Choices regarding the use of financial instruments are complex, perhaps even more so in local public services. In deciding where and how to approach funding for such services, a capacity to think in a nuanced way and intimate knowledge of regional regulations are key for making the right decision. Here, LegalTech can be of great value.

Between a subsidy, a purchase or a public tender procedure there are differences that can either stifle or give a much needed boost to otherwise valuable local projects and initiatives. To get it right, the costs are sometimes unnecessarily high for municipalities – both in time, money and risks taken. 

Digital transformation design, information technology and legal know-how  – they can  come together in support of policy experts across local councils – increasing confidence in their choices of financial instruments and enabling them to achieve maximum social value swiftly, responsibly and with reasonable resources.

Municipal departments under pressure. 

There is an additional aspect that influences the quality and speed of decision-making in municipalities. Local public departments across the Netherlands have been facing increased pressure in the past years. The piling of additional administrative, repetitive, predictable tasks onto officials has left less and less room for the truly meaningful parts of their jobs. Those parts deserve more space (and time), as they can make a significant difference for local initiatives. For policy advisors, legal consultants, financial experts, nuance is key to ensure that responsible, effective choices are made. The value delivered there is high as it increases the potential for positive impact on the cities themselves. 

The lack of time has sometimes been compounded by a lack of sufficient resources. The prospect of a coming post-COVID19 recession does not necessarily bring optimism in this respect.

The advantages of legaltech platform Finstrument

It doesn’t need to be like this

Digital transformation can give a much needed boost and free up time for local professionals to really dive deep into the most essential aspects of their work. It can also ensure that systems are designed in a way that they enable ethical, responsible decision-making. Most importantly, it can empower policy advisors across municipalities to achieve significantly more impact with help of human-centred, user-friendly, expert technology. 

Legal tech platform Fninstrument homepage and offering

(Fin)instrumental knowledge

To kickstart this much needed transformation, we partnered up with the LegalTech Lab and UvA Arbeidsmarktresearch B.V.

Together we are developing Finstrument. As an expert system and knowledge base, it promotes economically, policy-oriented, legally responsible selection and decision support. For policy advisors, legal consultants and financing experts this means:

  • Timely orientation, checks and justification of choices.
  • Help finding out which instruments are suitable and possible
  • A thorough selection process that eliminates unnecessary risks
  • Reports, justification and extensive documentation of choices
  • Faster, more efficient and targeted advice when needed

Using the experiences of our partner network partners and other users we are working towards further developing and improving Finstrument as an effective legal expert system that can positively impact policy decisions & initiatives throughout municipalities in the Netherlands. Our project partners include the municipalities of Utrecht, Amsterdam, Amersfoort and Hilversum.

Looking for something more?

Interested in how we approach this? Do you want to join us in this journey? We can tell you all about it over a coffee – online, or in (socially-distanced) Amsterdam at one of the Digital Society School, UvA, or HvA offices offices!

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