Episode 20 – J Bob Alotta

Listen to our latest episode of the #21for21 podcast 🚀  🌏  with J Bob Alotta, Media activist, filmmaker, movement strategist and current Vice President, Global Programs at Mozilla.
J Bob sat down with Marco (Unfortunately, Carola was not able to make it due to personal circumstances) at the Society 5.0 Festival in Amsterdam on October 12-13 where she was one of the keynote speakers. She talked with Marco about building movements for transformation, Mozilla as a driver of change, activism in times of uncertainty and of course, fueled with the topics of AI, big tech and the digital society.
  • 🎤 We find ourselves in our own echo chambers and this makes us feel we don’t have to be accountable to each other. The real truth is that we are interdependent.
  • 🎤 This means you and I are engaged in this tension filled relations and then actually where there are consolidations of power and weatlth these are untouched. And this design is deeply problematic.
  • 🎤 We already have power and value. There is a dominant narrative that has us think we don’t. But the gorgeous opportunity is to be inventive together and to be thoughtful about what we can produce and collaborate on together.
  • 🎤 Fear is preventing us to do most of the things we need to do at this point.
  • 🎤 Dear Future, I am Ready to not be afraid!

Listen to the episode below 👇 🎧

About J Bob Alotta

J. Bob Alotta is a veteran movement builder and nonprofit executive working at the intersection of technology and communities. Now serving as Vice President, Global Programs at Mozilla, Bob leads several ambitious initiatives to make the internet and artificial intelligence more trustworthy and equitable. These include the Mozilla Festival (MozFest), which convenes tens of thousands of technologists, artists, and activists each year. The Data Futures Lab, which reimagines new, better ways for data to be governed. The Responsible Computer Science Challenge, which is training a new generation of ethics-minded technologists. And more.