Wasteless For A Sustainable Future

How to change the behavior of people for making a sustainable future?

By 2025, Amsterdam wants to be a frontrunner city in the circular economy. In the same context, Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA) and Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA) aim to be leading universities in resource management. To achieve this goal, we need innovative and mind-shifting ways to make a sustainable community.

The awareness of making a sustainable Earth is very high; it had never been this high before. However, the action level of making it sustainable is low. How can we save our living planet from its climate crisis? How can we act on our daily life to make our environment more durable?

We take our first steps in UvA and HvA campuses to make a product, tool, or strategy to change the behavior of students and staff to handle waste more sustainably. Hopefully, our final product reaches out to the broader audience to trigger their actions for making a sustainable future.


This project focuses on the Sustainable Development Goals: