Professional Programmes

In today’s digital society, technology transforms our lives almost in an instant and we will have to be able to really anticipate on it at same speed. Ggovernments and also businesses are catching up and want to move towards a more responsible, resilient and safer digital society, for us all:

We need ground breaking research and innovation to become more agile.

We need open and modular education for a long life of learning to include everybody.

And we need talented specialists in design, tech and social sciences to broaden their skill-set and become responsible leaders of transformation.

We have to activate, share and build. And we should do it together: Businesses, government and educators:

At Digital Society School:

We provide a neutral learning ground, a place where we all can experiment freely and invest our equal share of responsibility.

We activate the right mindset and skills to thrive in the combination of design, tech and social innovation;

We embrace an international and open approach where we share everything for the world to use;

We build a learning community that can lead and guide the digital transformation of society in a responsible and inclusive way.

Join us and become a leader in transformation

Our professional programmes are designed to provide working professionals with the ability to advance their skill-sets and careers. Specifically, in our professional programmes you will be able to get your digital transformation leadership to the next level.
Digital Society School provides tailored courses for industry partners, and offers possibilities for industry professionals to be involved as a learner, trainer, teacher, coach or mentor.



Intensive, engaging, theory/applied balanced

Executives, exclusive with pre-selection

High level content, both in theory and practice (post HBO)

Qualified certification, based on competences and learning outcomes

Combination of face to face and online




Specific discipline knowledge and theory applied to the concept of the themes of the Tracks
Digital to Physical and Data Driven Transformation



Related to city’s transition themes and UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Possible facilitators & instructors


Senior Track Associate

Post Master Trainees

Track Owner

External professional(s)