Dear Future I’m Ready Podcast #1 – Paris Design Summit Feb 2019

‘Dear Future, I’m ready’ is a podcast brought to you by Digital Society School from Amsterdam.

We dare you to join us in our mission to explore more responsible and sustainable ways to use technology for the benefit of society, by using design and social innovation to reach the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

This episode covers the Paris Design Summit where professionals, academics, agencies, governments and NGO’s gathered and take action for a BETTER WORLD.
This was the first gathering of a 12 year initiative to create an effective framework for design, tackling the 17 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS of the United Nations.
These goals include all urgent challenges that we face and want to have solved before the year 2030. They include goals like Zero Poverty, good Health and Wellbeing, Better Education, Sustainable cities and gender equality.

During the summit, Marco van Hout talked to the organisers and some of the most inspiring speakers and experts that attended.

In these 20 minutes you will hear:

  1. How the Paris Design Summit aims to form a community of change-makers, how a renowned city builder from Canada is changing our cities and communities to tackle the most complex challenges on our planet.
  2. How one of the largest architecture companies in the world believes society and the design community should be trained for more impact.
  3. And, how a former punker made sure to channel his “f#$! you’s” towards positive change.