Maker’s Sprint #Spring2022

Our trainees were busy last week creating their first prototypes for their projects, check out what they worked on:

Team EYE

  • Participants: Hadi Pouranian, Daphne Degiorgis, David Ivan, Sameera Mudgal, Prabhav Chauhan
  • Coach: Iris Brugman
  • Track: EdTech for social change – online study space (OSS)
  • Partner: HvA / UvA
  • Challenge: Create a physical conversational object that links you to the digital space during online education.
  • Conversational object: Online Senses Stimulator.

“Our aim was to recreate an exaggerated online experience: everyone should put themselves in the shoes of students and teachers in order to empathize with them.”

Team Mirai

  • Participants: Eva Monestier, Mari Fujiwara, Haris Arnautovic, Lyna Gitonga, Akhilesh Kumar
  • Coach: Mari Luz García Archidona
  • Challenge: How might we envision the HvA/AUAS not only as a knowledge institution but also to fulfill the social task as the metropolitan university of applied sciences in 2030?
  • Partner: HvA
  • Track: EdTech for Social Change
  • Conversational object: A thought-provoking video dialogue between a girl from today and her future self in 2030 studying at university.

“Are you ready to find out what the future holds for HvA as a knowledge institution?” 

Da Heat –  Heat Resistant Cities

  • Participants: Clinton Emenari, Rina Horisawa, Tanyatorn Lauwanichpat, Ogulcan Temiz
  • Coach: Marianna Pinheiro
  • Challenge: Communicate about heatwaves using a digital twin and make insights visible, accessible and inclusive to all citizens.
  • Partner: TAUW, Municipality of Amersfoort
  • Track: Digital Twin
  • Conversational object: Heat Wave App / Digital-analog app to inform and motivate people to work on the climate issues, showing the heatwave visually in the digital twin of the city.

“As an international team from all over the world, we are enthusiastic to solve this challenging issue: heatwaves in the city!”


  • Participants: Kelsey Trites, Mercy Chumo, Shreya Gupta, Prasam Pal
  • Coach: Anneke van Woerden
  • Challenge: How might we demonstrate the reliability of the impact data in a clear and uniform way in order to be useful for all stakeholders involved?
  • Partner: Dutch Spark
  • Track: Design Across Cultures
  • Conversational object: Persona Questions Game, where our partners assumed personas of different stakeholders in the Carbon Credit Value chain & exchanged questions for tokens.

“Our aim is to come up with a more transparent mode to share, represent methodology and emmision impact data to combat mistrust among the stakeholders in the Carbon Impact Value chain.”


  • Participants: Subu, Dilara, Natsuki, Bambo
  • Coach: Gaspard Bos
  • Challenge: How might we create a visceral experience of personal data flow?
  • Partner: Fashion Tech Research Group
  • Track: Digital Twin – Sustainable Fashion
  • Conversational object: Squeaky! is an analog twin for a digital person, it’s a device that raises awareness about data flow within users by invoking the senses.

“To create a visceral reaction, we tried to involve the senses of the body and generate a physical reaction in the user. We did this by creating a squeaking sound when a user attempts to scroll using squeaky, it brings awareness of the continuous data collection cycle to the foreground.”

Stay tuned to see what our trainees will be working on this semester!