DSS represented at SXSW 2019 in Austin, Texas

Our own Marco van Hout will be speaking at the Data Sharing in the City of the Future event at South by Southwest (SXSW) 2019 in Austin, Texas!


What if cities of the future have solved the challenges of today, like tackling traffic congestion and improving air quality? Where citizens and companies receive city permits in no time. And where local companies grasp the opportunities of new data-driven economies and where no citizen is left behind in the digital transformation?

Data-driven solutions holds the key for optimizing public value and harnessing risk in cities of the future.

How does the future of cities look like when data sharing is facilitated by new data sharing technologies, like blockchain?

It is hard to object against the introduction of this theme but there are many questions and challenges to overcome. What about business models, ownership of change or the process of transformation? Municipalities, industry experts and the audience interact to understand the (public) value and nonsense of data-driven solutions for cities and communities.


The ‘human side of technology’
Why do cities of the future say yes to the ‘data-driven solution’?
Data, value and ethics in digital cities
Blockchain Bashing
Blockchain doctor: How to survive blockchain’s valley of death?
What to expect of cities in a society with blockchain?


Sofie Berns (New Dutch Wave)


Jeroen van Erp (TU Delft / Fabrique)
Dave Geensen (Projectmanager innovation & international business, City of Rotterdam)
Joshua Serano (Innovation Officer & Smart City Liaison at Chief Technology Office, City of Amsterdam)
John Jorritsma (Mayor of the City of Eindhoven)
Willem Koeman (Challenge lead Amsterdam Economic Board)
Nanning de Jong (Berenschot Blockchain Portfolio Manager)
Jeroen van Megchelen (Ledger Leopard)
Mark Bode (Studio Wolfpack)
Marco van Hout (Digital Society School)

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