Service Design Days – (Re)designing society’s digital transformation

Are you looking for ways to transform your business to deliver valuable experiences and stay relevant for your customers? The Service Design Days offer you the opportunity to learn from strategic design thinkers and doers. And to follow successful innovations of design-led, human-centric companies.

About Service Design Days

The Service Design Days is a cross-disciplinary platform for change makers, influencers, and decision makers of small and large organisations, involved in product and service innovation, organisation transformation, and value creation through design.

It is a unique platform that brings together strategic designers and business strategists to learn, share and co-create together, through live- and online sessions.

Masterclass description

Our Marco van Hout and Olina Terzi are going to give a masterclass called ‘(Re) designing society’s digital transformation’ at an event of Service Design Days. 

The masterclass is about ever growing omni-presence of digitisation in the world. This Topic has recently been heating up discussions among policy-makers, economists and industry leaders about its societal impact. As digital transformation is disrupting society more profoundly, concerns are growing about its affects on matters such as jobs, inequality, health/ wellbeing, economic prosperity and security/ safety.

This masterclass will show you what the ingredients are that make up ‘Digital Transformation Design (DTD)’ and introduce you to a comprehensive frame and set of tools and methods that can help you set DTD in motion in your own work or that of your organisation.