Psych-IT 4 – Designing Media for Human Nature

The Corona Format: One hour – Live at Youtube – English – 100% Awesomeness

Join us via Meetup

We keep developing new forms of media: synthetic media such as deepfakes and virtual influencers, and intelligent IoT devices that create smart environments which communicate information to us. In this Psych-IT’s hour of power we will explore how we can design media in accordance with our illustrious human nature!

The reason why TikTok and Instagram stories work, is because it enables us to play a better act. These media connect to our playful human nature. Research Director Menno van Doorn views these platforms as stages for our performances, but this is not an escape from ‘real’ life. “Life itself is a play, as described by the great sociologist Erving Gossman in his The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life”.

Menno will discuss the findings of the new VINT report he is working on, titled ‘Playing with Reality’. A follow-up of his book ‘Me the Media’ which was published in 2008. His story will be about why new media and the human brain are a perfect match and how organizations should deal with this. He is anxious to hear your ideas and responses.

Industrial designer Mariana Pinheiro will share her vision on redesigning media in order to match our human nature. Should the smartphone be deconstructed into a smart environment? “Designing media, both digital and physical, means designing possible behaviors, shaping how humans interact with each other and with their environment. What happens when we use Design Thinking and technology to augment even more the way we communicate and the way technology communicates with us?”

Mariana will share her vision for the future based on her experience designing IoT products that have the purpose to augment our human senses.