NewSchool #1 – Successful Dropouts

The traditional way of learning and education is not the best for everyone. Because of this not all talents can use their full potential. Luckily, drop-outs can create their own success outside of the ‘old skool’ educational system.

Wednesday July 10
Time: 16:00 – 17:30
Location: Growth Tribe (Kattenburgerstraat 5, building 027E)
Language: Dutch, some parts in English
Initiated by: Marineterrein Amsterdam, in cooperation with TechConnect
A co-production of: Growth Tribe, Codam College, Studiezalen and Digital Society School (HvA)

This event is invite only. If you think you can contribute to the topics, you are welcome to join.


  • Panel discussion with three dropouts: what are the obstacles and bottlenecks in the current education system?
  • Case Codam: ‘peer-to-peer learning’, students learn from each other, as alternative learning model.
  • Case Studiezalen: reception of dropouts as alternative learning model.
  • Cases Digital Society School (HvA) and Hyperion Lyceum: ‘new school’ applications inside the ‘old school’ education system
  • Wrap-up


  • Lisa Stamm | Codam
  • Abdelhamid Idrissi | Studiezalen
  • Zlatina Tsvetkova | Digital Society School
  • Iris Driessen | Hyperion Lyceum