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Design Thinking Fundamentals – 2 days

Learn how to apply a Design Thinking process from beginning to end using our Design Method Toolkit.

This course can be given both online and offline. 

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This course will introduce you to the fundamentals of Design Thinking, and take you through the entire Design Thinking process using a learning by doing approach. This means that you will work hands-on: combining theory (history of design thinking, various models of how to visualise the process) with practical case studies and experience. You’ll be introduced to our Design Method Toolkit and apply various design methods to a case that is relevant to your own context. The methods in our toolkit will help you to collaborate more effectively, using design and design methods as a common language. You will move more quickly from talking and discussing into visualising and making things tangible, which will ensure a richer, more productive, and more creative workflow.

What you will learn

We will explore the history of design thinking and related disciplines, and will look critically at different frameworks of design thinking and innovation. What is Design Thinking and where does it come from? How is it explained by various leading institutions and why? Through hands-on exercises, we will introduce you to different mindsets that help you navigate an innovation process. Using our Design Method Toolkit, we will share various specific design methods that are used within the different phases of Design Thinking and you’ll learn how to apply them on a case that is relevant to your own personal or professional context.

Covered DSS competencies
Applied Human Centred Design
Collaboration and Co-creation
Create solutions for social impact

What you will do


This module starts with the basis of introductory theory and history. What is design thinking exactly and where does it come from? The purpose of this module is to lay a foundation for understanding how Design Thinking is framed and practiced around the world and to offer you some practical exercises that help you get into an effective mindset for creativity.


This module is about our Design Method Toolkit; how it is structured and how you can use it within your own work. Which method do you pick for what purpose? And how do you design your own Design Thinking process with multiple methods connected to each other? Learn how to frame a design challenge, brainstorm on innovative ideas, make your concept tangible through prototyping, and share it in an effective and engaging pitch.


This module is about putting things into practice – as we believe you will learn the most from learning by doing. Bring your own challenge to the table and experience how to approach it through a design thinking process from start to finish, applying various methods from all phases of the process. You will use the Design Method Toolkit to cover all phases of the design process. Learn how to design your own process by selecting your own methods from the toolkit, and explore how to frame and reframe your own challenge, go out in the world to do user research and document and present your retrieved insights.

Whom is this course for?

You 👇:

This course is anyone who is curious about innovation processes and wants to know more about Design Thinking. You want to know how to apply a Design Thinking process from beginning to start, and to dive deeper into specific design methods. You are interested in how to use design and a design mindset for your own professional or personal context, even (or maybe especially!) if you are not working within the field of design.

Questions you may have

Q: I am not a “designer”. Is this for me?
A: Yes most definitely! You don’t need any design expertise; this course is about creating the right mindset and conditions for innovation in general. Something that is important for every professional wanting to become future-proof!

Q: I am quite familiar with the basics of Design Thinking. Is this too much introduction?
A: No. We will cover the basics to get everyone on the same page, but while doing that dive deeper into the history, context, and critique – something that is sometimes overlooked when focused on methods and tools. As we will dive deeper into a real-life case in Module 3, you will be able to start where you are now and further develop yourself with the help of your team and instructors.

About the Design Method Toolkit

The Design Method Toolkit enables you to get started and enrich your design process. Plan and execute your design research, ideation, experimentation, and creation within short iterations.
The Design Method Toolkit has been developed and refined over the course of six years and has since been distributed across the globe to thousands of designers, researchers, digital professionals, and just about anyone who cares about humanity-centered design. Explore our toolkit online.

Meet the experts

Anneke van Woerden
Experienced trainer and facilitator working on the intersection between design, social innovation, and sustainable development. Responsible for translating the produced research and knowledge of the Design Across Cultures track into hands-on tools, methods, and trainings.