Blended Learning Week on October 25 to 28

Are you curious about the development of blended learning within the AUAS and how you can use blended learning in education to be entrepreneurial and agile towards the future? Do you want to know what is already happening in the field of blended learning or do you want to get started with it yourself? Then participate in the Blended Learning Week. From October 25 to 28, there will be numerous activities such as lectures, workshops, make labs, and demonstrations on the best practices. View the full program and register via the button on the right.

The Digital Society School will also be actively part of this week, as on October 26, three of our colleagues will host workshops at the DSS Clubhouse. See what they will be hosting below:



How to continue a good discussion in your online classroom  – facilitation and evaluation of discussions in a blended learning context – Dimitrios Vlachopoulos, Program Manager, EdTech for Social Change

During this session, we will reflect on how we can organize, facilitate, and evaluate online asynchronous discussions in a blended learning context. Specifically, we will reflect on the role of the teacher in such discussions, which may have initiated in the physical classroom but continue in an online learning environment. How to serve the principles of flexible pedagogy and inclusive education? How to grade students’ work? What it means in terms of workload and preparation for both teachers and students? How it can help students achieve the desired learning outcomes? How it can enhance group dynamics and student engagement?



The value of coaching in (blended) education. Demythization of coaching – Asia Trzeciak, Digital Transformation Designer

We are in the constant process of transforming how we teach and learn, especially now in times of online and blended education. In addition, we are transforming (or humanizing) digital transformation itself, and our well-being is challenged more than ever before. As teachers, we want to be able to motivate our students, listen actively, and be fully present. We seek to help them achieve their goals. This is when coaching conversations are a very useful tool. Besides transforming relationships, we go through personal or professional transformations and want to provide ourselves and others with help, specifically in current uncertain times. The skills and knowledge acquired during this session will be useful in both online or offline learning.



Team Rituals in the Classroom: How can we enhance student bonding online and offline? – Iris Brugman, Digital Transformation Designer

During this session, we will provide you with theoretical background, as well as practical tools and frameworks on the topic of team rituals, which will help you design team rituals specific for your own team context (online learning, on-campus learning, and blended learning). Finally, we will reflect on how to embed team rituals to safeguard purposeful change over time.