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Project background

The world in which we live, study and work is in transformation. Think for example of the climate crisis, digital innovations, social and economic changes, and many other issues. Such transformations in society and profession form the crucial point of departure for visions, goals, and ambitions. 

Old patterns and solutions hardly fit anymore with today’s society. The Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA)/Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) as a knowledge institution must search quickly and effectively for new ways to shape quality education and research. That requires inventiveness, enthusiasm, trial-and-error, cooperation between many parties across traditional borders and a huge effort from everyone to make HvA/AUAS future-proof. 

How might we speculate about the future of HvA/AUAS? Everywhere, whether in business, climate, or education, anticipating the future is a complex but critical job. Nobody can exactly predict the future. However, imagine a group of visionaries within DSS speculating about HvA/AUAS in 2030.

Now it is the time to explore together both potential, preferable future scenarios and see what happens when Speculative Design and DSS method Scream; Design thinking + Scrum + (Lego) serious play meets HvA2030. 


Design Challenge(s)

How might we use (speculative) design as a vehicle to speculate about the potential or alternate futures of HvA/AUAS as a knowledge institution to anticipate for the near future?

How might we envision the HvA/AUAS not only as a knowledge institution but also to fulfil the social task as a metropolitan university of applied sciences in 2030? 


Connection with the EdTech for Social Change Track

The EdTech for Social Change track is a connective hub that opens space for partnerships, applied research and projects with industry stakeholders. Together we use technology to boost individual learning, corporate training and to make learning accesible to to all including vulnerable social groups.

The foundation of the ambitions of HvA for the coming years is formed by the mission and vision of our organisation and by the social task that the AUAS fulfils as a metropolitan university of applied sciences.


Connection with the Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations SDG’s are the “blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face”.

Following SDGs will be further explored in this project:

4. Quality Education

5. Gender Equality….

8.  Decent work & economic growth

10. Reduced inequalities

11. Sustainable cities & communities

17. Partnerships for the goals


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