Evidence Informed Practice for School Inclusion (EIPSI)

How might we encourage teachers to use (evidence-informed) research it to overcome social inequalities and promote school inclusion at all levels?

This project aims to contribute to the improvement of Primary and Secondary School pupils’ academic outcomes and reducing the gap between advantaged and disadvantaged pupils through the promotion of Evidence Informed Practice for School Inclusion approach (EIPSI).

Student struggle because of social-economic status, social & personal circumstances & language barrier. At the same time there’s a need to adopt educational measures to overcome social inequalities and promote social inclusion.

At this moment teachers go to Internet resources due to the lack of time or other circumstance. Online resources provide a valuable context to easily and quickly access information. However, not always these resources are trusted and not all the resources on the Internet are validated and reliable.


Design challenge:

The challenge is to design a prototype (open digital platform/a community) with the evidence-informed resources for teachers. Resources can include (but will not be limited to), for example effective good practices, augmented reality, games, podcasts, quizzed, scientific papers, etc. to address classroom diversity and specific learning problems.

It is not only about what but how. Our aim is to 1) encourage & motivate teachers to use scientific evidence when they make decisions to improve students learning and 2) facilitate the process of reaching the evidence.  With reaching this aim, we hope to contribute to reducing gaps and promoting inclusion at schools.

Schools profile:

Primary and Secondary Schools (EU); high complexity schools, those schools with a high number of immigrant pupils, special needs children, high levels of schools’ mobility during the course and poor social-economic family background.

Relation to the track EdTech for Social Change track:

This project specifically addresses the following questions EdTech track focuses on:

  • How can technology help to bring together better education innovations, ideas and solutions for society?
  • What is the use of technology within a wider systems approach to education?

This project focuses on the Sustainable Development Goals: