Introducing VPROSINT – the future of authentic journalism

The truth is out there – but how can we find it?

This is a question that plagues many who engage with today’s news media landscape. ‘Fake news’ and misinformation can be found on all corners of the Internet. From growing distrust in traditional media broadcasters and publishers to lack of access and suppression of news in certain parts of the world, it is increasingly difficult to know where to go for and how to access reliable, trustworthy news sources.

Our project, VPROSINT, aims to design a collaborative platform to co-create news stories from around the world, including stories from countries often overlooked by mainstream media. Bringing citizen journalists and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) researchers together with traditional media makers on a decentralised platform, our team and project partners at VPRO hope to facilitate a new way to uncover stories and make the news safely and widely collaborative.

Our team is highly multidisciplinary, with a broad variety of career backgrounds and expertise:

Naz – Architecture and community engagement

Amir – Geographic information systems

OB – Journalism and development studies

Izzy – Digital media and communications

Together with our Transformation Owner Andrea and partners at VPRO, we are hard at work bringing VPROSINT to life. You can read on to learn more about each phase or ‘Sprint’ in our project development, and how we are working towards a better future for authentic journalism around the world.