Transforming Social Care

How can we make social domain services more accessible and efficient via technology?

The Netherlands is a society where the State plays an instrumental role in ensuring the well-being of its citizens through social services known today as the social domain (sociaal domein). However, with a 35% drop-out rate on social benefit applications due to high service complexity, as well as up to eight-fold administration costs for every benefit offered, it seems urgent that we rethink how governmental services are navigated and delivered.

Continuing a constructive collaboration with the Municipality of Haarlem and the VNG, this project will explore how digital governance solutions may reinvent a sector that stands out for its high government spending and high pressure for service performance and fraud prevention. Using Haarlem as a test case, we will explore what digital transformation in the social domain entails and how might technology empower and assist service applicants as well as service providers.


This project focuses on the Sustainable Development Goals: