To create a burden of proof for the ShowYourSkills Application in understanding the satisfaction of its users, the social, growth mindset, and cognitive impact of the application on the users while scaling up partnerships and ambition.


Research has shown that half of the population aged 4 to 12 years in the Netherlands does not meet the recommended physical activity level. This has been a contribution from individual and environmental levels such as:

  • Digitalisation which has led to more children playing video games;
  • Inadequate parental participation in physical activity;
  • Urbanisation which has left limited spaces for creating playgrounds.

ShowYourSkills aims to bring the digital and physical worlds together while addressing exercise poverty among children and young adults. More so, with the aim to help children with their technical, motoric, and cognitive development, and mindset growth, ShowYourSkills wants to offer inspiration and innovation to every sporting child. Breaking down barriers, creating opportunities and enabling everyone to play sports. And most especially, encouraging children to go outside and move more.

Photo of ShowYourImpact trainees in a check-in session with the DTD


This project was co-funded by the European Fund for Regional Development.