Our Care Team Coordination


How to support parents with digital tools to have more control over the complex care process for their child so that they can filter and manage everything that is happening around their child in the transition from Hospital to Home?


Life is full of decisions and choices. They forge our path.

But we can always encounter circumstances that we didn’t count on and we must readjust the path.

If we find out that our child has a chronic degenerative disease, it totally readjusts our expectations, so we become a new learner on a new path, with fears, without knowledge and without knowing what lies ahead.

Transition at home is a pioneering concept in healthcare around the world.

The Jeroen Pit House (JPH) is a transitional home for children with serious chronic conditions located in Amsterdam. The JPH aims to make that transition easier and safer. Specialized nursing and/or paramedical care is available 24 hours a day, parents can stay here with their child and family.

They will help the parents care for their child, train them on how to use medical tools and also give them the confidence to care for their child at home later.

So, our role?

We work in a multidisciplinary team guided by experts from the industry and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences through DSS.


Armed with all the knowledge and insights from their previous experience, we provide a digital solution concept that is based on addressing all the pain points and hurdles that our persona faces.

We created a module for the existing Mijn Kinder Comfort Net site that makes use of its existing network and made an entirely new user interface and experience that is more accessible and usable.