Global Goals Jam


How can we facilitate peer feedback for the Global Goals Jam community? 


The Global Goals Jam is a global network and an SDG-focused Design Jam that is locally organized around the globe. During climate Week, multiple locations (50-90 locations worldwide) organize an event that brings together people who want to contribute from their perspective in a multidisciplinary team to the SDGs by working in a highly structured design process on a design challenge. The Global Goals Jam started as a centralized community network, where the Global Goals Jam founders communicate with local organizers who in their turn then recruit, select and manage participants who join smaller design teams in their location without much interaction on a global scale.

The Global Goals Jam team is currently tasked with the challenge of fixing the urgent need of developing the Global Goals Jam Community from a  centralized community network into a distributed community network, where both local organizers and participants from different locations after Jam events could collaborate beyond the local community level. This should be done through the power of digital documentation of participants’ projects in a digital platform where it is easily accessible by other members of the community for peer-peer idea sharing, peer-to-peer review, and peer feedback.