Episode 9 – Philip McKenzie

Listen to the latest inspiring episode of the #21for21 podcast 🚀  🌏  with Philip McKenzie, an anthropologist, strategist and dj from Brooklyn New York.

Philip talks with Marco and Carola about (r)evolutions, systems change, taking bold steps and diving deep in order to thrive.

  • 🎤  We have to question everything that we do. That is what revolutionaries do.
  • 🎤  It is the people who are not included in the central conversation that question why the world is operating the way it is operating. Discomfort spurs deep questioning of the status quo.
  • 🎤  When I look around, I actually see very little transformation. We live in a plug-in world where we are mostly adding things to the existing systems.
  • 🎤  Our systems are seductive frameworks. The difficulty is that you have to actively work against them, by building different ways of community, support and being.
  • 🎤  Dear Future, I’m Ready… to love. Everything starts with love.

Listen to the episode below 👇 🎧

About Philip McKenzie

Philip L. McKenzie is an anthropologist who uses his expertise in culture to advise organizations on how best to thrive in an increasingly challenging and uncertain environment. Philip uses his quantitative background and Wall Street experience in combination with a qualitative understanding of social, economic and cultural movements to unmask complex opportunities and identify significant trends that impact and uncover viable futures.

Philip’s work has placed him at the center of understanding the significance of culture as a reflection of shared values. As a result he is a sought after strategist working with a myriad of global organizations. He is a content creator and writer. He is the current Executive Director of Advancing Diversity and a columnist for MediaVillage. He is the creator and host of The Deep Dive, a leading culture and insights podcast.

In the past, he has manifested his creative vision as co-host/co-creator of 2 Dope Boys & a Podcast.

Philip is a global speaker, having provided keynotes and workshops in London, Moscow, Sao Paulo, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Mexico City and more.

Prior, he was the Managing Partner of FREE DMC, a multicultural and influencer-marketing agency that specialized in integrated marketing strategy, digital content creation, and experiential events. He was also the Global Curator of Influencer Conference, a global content platform that exists at the intersection of values, creativity, culture, and commerce.

Philip is born and bred in what he terms “Real Brooklyn” but travels extensively wherever the wind takes him. He is completing his first book titled No Shortcuts! The Revolutionaries Guide To The Future.

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