Episode 2 – Hugo Araujo

🎤  How often don’t we say: ‘Ask nature’ or ‘Look at nature’ when dealing with complexity? But how often do we actually DO that? Asking nature?

🎤  How can biomimicry, the practice that learns from and mimics the strategies found in nature, help solve human design challenges?

For answers to these questions, and for raising more questions, Carola and Marco did not ask nature, but they asked Hugo Araujo.

In this second episode of the #21for21 series, Carola and Marco talk to Hugo about biomimicry in the context of transformation.

In the inspiring and thought-provoking conversation that follows, Hugo addresses several topics such as biomimicry, systems change, our human responsibility in ‘asking how nature does’, the earth as a metabolism, and how communication between bacterias can inspire future democratization.

Listen to the episode below 👇 🎧

About Hugo Araujo

Hugo Araujo is a creative healer with global experience in different business sector such as marketing, sales, sustainability, conservation and innovation. Hugo is also a biomimicry artist (vibriofischeri.com) that metamorphosized after a deep reconnection with nature and indigenous cultures. His designs are harmonized with life and his wings are digital. His strength relies in simple and beautiful visualizations that allow the understanding of the new and regenerative world.

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